Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sickness has desended upon my house

So for the better part of three weeks my son has been sick and in that time every member of our family has also been sick, myself included.  SO not much of anything has happened around here besides the passing around of tissues and cold medicine, and sleeping whenever possible.  My poor son just doesn't seem to be able to kick this cold, he got sent home from school again today and because of school policy, he can't go back tomorrow so his weekend started at 10:30 today.  Having the boys home sick has thrown off my schedule, and being sick myself has thrown off my weight loss.  The best I've been able to do is not gain weight, which I think is pretty good considering its been a lot of convenience foods and husband made meals in the last few weeks which always results in extra calories.

I did manage to get out of the house last Friday night, a friend of mine was having a women only slumber party(not really a sleepover some of you may know what it was) and we went out to a few local bars afterword.  It was the first night out I've had by myself since before I got married, basically 8 years since I'd been out on my own.  That makes the last thing I did on my own something I did as a teenager in college.  I don't even remember what it was.  It was great to get out, even if I wasn't feeling too great, I honestly didn't know what I was missing.  I didn't have to think or worry about anyone but myself for 6 whole hours and I got to laugh til my face hurt and spend time with other women in a non-judging, non-catty way.  I highly recommend this to anyone who is having a hard time of things, whatever they may be.  And not necessarily go out and drink, but go out and relax if you can and laugh, I feel lighter and freer then I have in ages!

I'm going to my mother's house in about 8 days because the kids are on spring break from school and that's where they wanted to go this year.  Last year we went to Disney World and this year they pick grandma's house, that's how much she spoils them rotten.  It will be good to see family though and my husband will get to be there for a few family birthdays which is always hard for us to do.  It'll be nice to have a babysitter for a few nights too because we'll get to visit with some adult friends who don't have kids yet and aren't as comfortable around them, we don't see friends like that too often anymore cause the boys come first but we miss them sometimes. 

The only issue with going to my mother's is that my mother and I don't have the best relationship and she's really hard on my about everything, but especially my weight.  Its always stressful to spend  a lot of time with her but she's great to my boys and they love her so much so we put up with it for as long as we have to.  My sister is home too which adds to the stress but I'm looking forward to seeing my brother and my friends so I think I can minimize the stress.  My plan for the next week til we get there is to work out and drink lots of water and do anything I can to de-stress myself before I go, I'm trying not to get myself all worked up about the trip and just go with the flow on this one.  We'll see how it goes!