Saturday, September 17, 2011

So being a vegetarian is okay I guess

So I've been living the loco vegan for almost three weeks now and its okay.  It can be kind of a pain in the butt to make things just for me while the rest of my family has something I would love that's still healthy but contains meat.  I'm tired of eating veggie burgers while they eat chicken burgers because there's very little difference nutritionally aside from the whole meat thing.  Mostly I'm just tired.  I;m not getting enough sleep or enough iron so my energy levels haven't been great and I've been sick with a cold so I'm whiny and annoying.

The problem is I've lost 10 pounds. And I know what your thinking, wheres the problem right?  The problem is this seems to be working and now I'm bummed out because the future is looking meatless and cheese less and egg less and that just makes me sad.  I happen to love meat and have no moral objections to the partaking of it.  I should right because I do love animals and the mass production of meat in this country is abominable.  But I grew up around farms and farmers, my family still puts a garden in every year and we're big believers in knowing where our food comes from.  I see no problem with responsible meat eating because quite frankly its wasteful not to make use of an animal once their gone and wastefulness was a sin in my household.

Aside from the near obsession with meat I've been trying to be more responsible.  I'm making good food choices cause its kind of hard not to, and I've been swimming nearly daily and walking up a storm with my puppy whom still hasn't quite decided that I'm going to get my way cause I'm the one in charge. And I drink water almost exclusively and as often as possible.

I;ve had some fun in the last few weeks, well tried to.  I went to our state fair and got to see Hot Chelle Rae and The Script in concert, both great but I went the day I did to see the Script which was amazing and wonderful!  I went on a boat ride with our local Frg and some other adults which was good for us all I think, I made vegan food for an international dinner and my sons class which both went over surprisingly well.  My younger son turned 6 and we surprised him with his friends and a party at what was supposed to be the family dinner.

Still haven't figured out what I'm doing wrong with the comment thing on the blogs I follow, I am reading up on you guys and I've had a thousand things to say and words of encouragement and love.  Every time I try I get a different error message so I don't even know how to fix the problem but I will say thank you for your stories and sharing your own journeys with us and I;m here in the background swearing at the computer trying figure it out!


  1. KayBeth... first off.. yay for the 10 pounds lost!!!! That is awesome!

    I have been doing a lot more vegan food lately too. It's for health reasons, but I also am not a big meat eater. Now I'm working on getting dairy out of my meals. It's actually been easier than I thought it would.

    I am trying to look at it in a positive light.. not about what I can't have, but the new tastes I am finding. I am trying to change my thinking about food. I am scouring the internet for new recipes (easy and quick) and I am also gluten free.

    It's not an easy change... but I find it's been rewarding so far.

    I don't think you need to stay vegan forever, if you don't want to... maybe eventually just eat meat when you feel like it. once or twice a week.

    Good luck!

  2. I have an award for you on my blog. :) Hope you are doing well!